Cricket in Bhutan during the Pandemic - Intra-school tournaments

From the beginning of 2020 and thereafter, the sweeping waves of the coronavirus has left tale of destruction all over the world. The pandemic has caused disruption to the livelihoods and to the sports across the world.

However, Bhutan had its share of success as it has been able to contain the coronavirus cases so far. Bhutan sealed its border and curbed public gatherings, travel and businesses and thereafter facilitated quarantine centers. Sports activities in the country also came under scrutiny for being potential sources of spreading covid-19.

Following the first nationwide lockdown in August 2020, the government allowed sporting activities in phases where tournaments were allowed but without spectators and under strict covid protocols.

According to the CEO of Bhutan Cricket, Damber Gurung, “With support from UNICEF, we had planned for a big event at Merak and Sakteng under Trashigang District but due to the pandemic we had to postpone the program.” “In the midst of all we managed to conduct few programs and tournaments in the schools but behind the close doors.”

“We introduced intra-school tournaments instead of our calendar inter-school tournaments following the strict covid-19 protocols.”

Bhutan Cricket introduced the intra-school format following the directives from the government that disallowed any form of sports tournament as it could be potential sources of spreading covid-19.

Bhutan Cricket Development Officer, Ugyen Dorji said, “We sorted to alternatives and came up with intra-school tournament plan so that we can keep the youth engaged in cricket.” “The plan seems to work as many schools came forward to have such competition in their schools.”

All the tournaments conducted at junior level are bring played with soft balls where as the senior boys and girls are playing with the usual stitch ball. Organized under the support from Bhutan Cricket a total of 13 schools across five districts has successfully conducted intra-school tournaments and some tournaments are yet to be completed.

Bhutan Cricket is supporting the participating schools with playing equipment’s, financial assistance and other technical support.

Intra-School Tournament updates:-


Shengana MSS under Punakha district conducted the first intra-school tournament from May 29 to June 6, 2021. In the boys category four houses (teams) under the school, Jigme, Khesar, Namgyal and Wangchuck took part in the tournament from which Jigme house was declared the winner. In the girl’s category, Namgyal House won the category.

Girls playing tennis ball tournament
Class V boys in action
Class III boys playing at the basketball court


U-19 T10 Intra-House tournament

The cricket action in southern part of Bhutan took place at Sarpang Central School with the T10 U-19 Boys Intra-House competition. Five Houses (teams) took part in the competition where Druk Team faced Langpoche Team in the finals.

Druk team managed to score 95 runs from their 10 overs of which 51 came from Yueyong Phuntsho’s bat. In return Langpoche managed to score only 48 runs, therefore losing by 47 runs. The three day tournament that began on July 17 ended on June 20.

In the U-19 girls T10 Intra-House Tournament, team Dragon beat Babygang by 21 runs to win the competition.

U19 Men’s Club Championship
U19 Girl’s T10 Championship
U19 Girl’s T10 Championship


Gaselo Primary School – Intra- house soft ball tournament

Phetakha Primary School – intra house soft ball competition

Winner of Girls category (Gaselo Primary School)
Phatekha Primary School

Winner of boys category


Yadi Central School

Inter-class competition for senior boys.

Mega Boys (Class XII Commerce) beat the Chupachubs (Class XII Arts) in the finals of the inter-class competition held at Yadi Central School.

Yadi Centrel School intra house tournament during summer break
Briefing from the covid task force member
Yadi batsman in action

On-going intra-schools tournaments

  1. Bjishong Central School, Gasa – Intra-house tournament.
  2. Thinleygang Primary school, Punakha – Intra-house tournament (Junior Boys and Girls).
  3. Ugyen Academy, Punakha – Intra-school tournament (Senior Boys).
  4. Tashidingkha Central School, Intra-class tournament (Junior Boys and Girls)
  5. Dechentshemo Central School, Punakha – Intra-class tournament (Junior Boys and Girls)
  6. Punakha Central School, Punakha – Under-18 (Boys and Girls tournament)
  7. Wangdue Primary school, Wangdue – Intra-house tournament (Boys and Girls)
  8. Phobjikha Central School, Wangdue – Intra-house tournament (Boys and Girls)
  9. Gaselo Central School, Wangdue – Intra-house tournament (Boys and Girls)

Tandin Wangchuk is the Press Officer for Bhutan Cricket. Played for Bhutan U19 to Senior team for a decade and previously worked as a Reporter/Copy Writer with Kuensel, the national newspaper of Bhutan.


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