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Emotional Message from President, Thinley Wangchuk Dorji after Bhutan won the ACC Men’s Eastern Region Twenty20 Cup 2018.

My heartiest congratulations goes out to the National Cricket Team that recently won Bhutan’s ‘first ever International team tournament’ creating sporting history in the process. It was a historic moment for Bhutan and for Bhutan Cricket!!! As a mere spectator in the finals, I witnessed the stuff that legends are made of and a match that will surely be remembered for a very long time.

It was an epic battle that went down to the wire! It was a final that was fearlessly won in the end with jubilant cries of ‘Pelden Drukpa Gyelo’ echoing throughout the ground with the National flag lovingly wrapped around the arms of the players proudly donning their national jerseys. Bhutan defeated three countries namely Thailand, China and Myanmar to win the much coveted trophy.

Three worthy opponents that were bigger and stronger in many aspects. Three countries with international coaches, some with foreign players, countries with far better facilities, bigger cricket grounds and all with access to turf/clay wickets or pitches which Bhutan lacked going into the tournament. We were definitely the underdogs heading into the final match of the tournament.

Yet, the boys and their coach practiced long and hard under difficult conditions with an insatiable desire to win. They wanted nothing more than to make their country proud. Their self-belief in themselves, indomitable spirit and steely determination made all the difference in the end. I couldn’t help but notice tears of happiness streaming uncontrollably down the faces of many of the players and their coach when the last wicket fell.

The boys played their hearts out and played like the champions they were destined to become. A team comprising of young men, from college students to civil servants, from a policeman to a district coach and from businessmen to corporate employees. I am delighted to have witnessed the finals and to have been a part of cricketing history. Cricket in Bhutan will no doubt continue to grow in size and stature in the future and there will be many bigger accomplishments and feats than this win.

However, Bhutan cricket will never ever forget this legendary team, its brilliant coach and dedicated officials. The champions will always be a part of Bhutan’s cricketing folklore and their names will forever echo in Bhutan’s cricketing Hall of Fame!!! I do believe this win will now inspire many more youngsters (boys and girls) to take up this wonderful game and carry forward the mantle of cricket well into the future. Pelden Drukpa Gyelo!!!!!




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