The 10th Annual General Meeting

The 10th Annual General Meeting of Bhutan Cricket was held virtually through Zoom, an online video conferencing service on July 11, 2021.

Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Damber S Gurung and 25 officials including head office staffs, coaches, district coordinators and a representative from Bhutan Olympic Committee took part in the day-long conference.

In the opening remarks the CEO, Damber Gurung began by illustrating the current state of the nation and the world due to the pandemic and the likewise the effects the pandemic has left on the world sports.

“One of the major worries is that for our fellow cricketers who love this sport and wants to resume playing,” he said.  “All our members especially our coaches and district coordinators have to plan and come up with ways whereby we can have possible activities but keeping in mind and respecting the covid-19 protocols,” he added.

The CEO also talked about the pilot High Performance Programme (HPP) training which was introduced this year for the national women’s cricket team. Talking further about the HPP program, he said that the five months into the program is proving effective and plans to imply with the men’s team as well. 

In the closing remarks Damber Gurung stated that the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system will be introduced soon.

“Cash reward system is in pipe-line. With the proposed cash incentives it will encourage our people to do more for the cricket that would ultimately help in achieving our vision of making cricket the number one choice of sport in the country.”

– Damber Gurung

Four new dzongkhags (Bumthang, Chhukha, Mongar and Trashigang) and their focal person were also introduced during the conference.  Further, the Development Officer, Ugyen Dorji made presented detailed presentations on KPI and how the system implys besides reporting on 2020-21 programs that was held by Bhutan Cricket.

Other matters such as budgeting process, accounting submission, accountability, media related subjects were thrashed in the meeting.

Zoom conference meeting of Bhutan Cricket employees during the 10th Annual General Meeting

Tandin Wangchuk is the Press Officer for Bhutan Cricket. Played for Bhutan U19 to Senior team for a decade and previously worked as a Reporter/Copy Writer with Kuensel, the national newspaper of Bhutan.


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