Bhutan Cricket continues partnership with UNICEF Bhutan | Bhutan Cricket Council Board

Bhutan Cricket has extended their partnership with UNICEF Bhutan with the focus on empowering youth through cricket. The partnership will once again provide UNICEF Bhutan platform to educate our youth through this beautiful sport.
So far, we have conducted Women’s T20, U16 Girl’s T20 and U18 Boy’s T20 competitions. More than 600 boys & girls took part in the empowering adolescents program conducted by UNICEF Bhutan.In 2019, International Cricket Council awarded “Cricket for Change Initiative of the Year Award” to Bhutan Cricket for initiating such kind of work with support from UNICEF Bhutan. This year, Bhutan Cricket in collaboration with ICC and UNICEF Bhutan will carry-out Entry Level Cricket Program (ELP) in more than 115 schools from 12 Dzongkhags. This program is designed to cricket a fun first experience for someone new to the game.
“Cricket is a sport that is watched by billions and played by millions of people around the world. It is fun, simple and easy adaptable to be played anywhere, by anyone, at any time. This program will give new participants to cricket a FUN first experience that we hope will inspire a life long journey with our great sport and welcome them as a member of the global cricket community.”- ICC
Considering sports as a greater platform to reach out to our youth, UNICEF Bhutan will play vital role in carrying out empowering adolescents programme simultaneously. Bhutan Cricket will employ twelve head ELP coaches and thirty six assistant coaches for this program. All coaches will have to attend Entry Level Cricket Programme and Empowering Adolescents training programme in Thimphu. In 2019, a total of 36,160 (18783 Boys/ 17377 Girls) students participated in the Entry Level Programme which was delivered in 90 Schools. Total coaches involved: 66 (46 male coaches/ 20 Female coaches), Teachers involved: 90 and Coordinators involved: 14.


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