BCCB T20 Cup, 2018 POOL DRAW FINALISED | Bhutan Cricket Council Board

The Pool Draw for the BCCB T20 Cup, 2018 organized by BCCB in collaboration with Bhutan Olympic Committee has been conducted today at Om Restaurant with all the 16 teams representatives present in the event. Officials from BCCB, Technical Operation Director Tandin Wangchuk, Development Officer Bikash S. Luitel, and Media Officer Jigme Singye, smoothly operated the pool draw.



The event started by welcoming all the participating/registered teams (5 old teams and 9 new teams) and introducing the panel members. Before going into the main pool draw, a brief summary about the tournament was detailed to all the teams’ representatives. It was announced about the tournament prices – winning team will get to take a cash price of Nu.200,000/- and runner up team will get to take a cash price of Nu.100,000/-, Awards on player of the tournament, best batsman, best bowler, highest sixes, best wicket keeper, and best catch of the tournament have not been confirmed, it was announced. However, it was assured that these awards worth will not be any lesser than last year’s T20 Cup 2017’s. BCCB had put up a proposal to Tashi Cell to sponsor the above mentioned awards by giving Samsung phones as awards. If this proposal gets passed and accepted, then the awards will be sponsored by Tashi Cell.

Man of the Match for every match has been confirmed to be Nu.500/- worth of phone voucher, sponsored by Tashi Cell. After the awards’ detail has been announced, all the co-sponsors namely, Bhutan Olympic Committee and International Cricket Council, communication partner Tashi Cell, and venue partner Pelkhil High School, have been thanked for their continued support in the help of promoting and developing the sport of cricket.

Lastly, before the pool draw, it was informed that 4 teams in ranking wise from the previous year’s T20 cup – Dragon Strikers, Takin City, Thimphu Knights, and JDWNRH have been divided into four groups for these teams rightly deserve to be in separate groups for their previous year’s performance. And rest of the teams, will pick the paper chits from the bowl in the final draw. Now, finally, Development officer of BCCB Mr. Bikash S. Luitel was the person who will pick the chits on behalf of all the rest of the teams apart from those 4 already placed in groups. The pool draw has been completed and all the 16 teams have been placed in groups. The tournament format will be in league format and top team from each group will qualify to the super 4 (four top teams from four groups). In the super 4, teams will play a league format again in which top two teams will qualify for the finals. The BCCB team will set the fixture tomorrow and the matches will start most probably from this week end.


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