2018 ICC World Twenty20 Asian Sub Regional Qualifier | Bhutan Cricket Council Board

2018 ICC World Twenty20 Asian Sub Regional Qualifier is the tournament played as part of 2020 ICC World Twenty20 Qualification

The first sub-regional qualifier is being held in Kuwait and Qatar from 20 April 2018 to 26 April 2018 for the ICC World Twenty20international championship of Twenty20 cricket, to be held in 2020 with another group to be staged later at Nepal.

2018 ICC World Twenty20 Asian Sub Regional QualifierTwelve regional qualifiers are being held by the International Cricket Council (ICC), with 61 teams competing during 2018 in five regions – Africa (3 groups), Americas (2), Asia (2), East Asia Pacific (2) and Europe (3). The top 25 sides from these will then contest five regional finals in 2019, with seven then going on to compete in the 2020 qualifier


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