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Media in Bhutan is a fairly young development. The concept of the media, as a player in the growth of a modern society began in the mid-1980s, with the establishment of the first Bhutanese newspaper, Kuensel and the Bhutan Broadcasting Station. In the late 1990s, ICT was introduced followed by electronic and television. Today, Bhutanese media has grown considerably in all its forms – print, broadcast, film, music and internet.

Back then, for a nerdy boy like me studying in seventh standard, tranquil to adopt the sports as an hobby and the year turned to have butterfly effect in my life. That is when I first saw in the television Sachin Tendulkar playing in world cup with the likes of Dravid and Ganguly. This game was called Cricket. It was fascinating to see so many people cheering India and whole day doordashan news used to broadcast the Indian match live. This is when I decided to change my sporting passion from lawn tennis to cricket and rest is history.

I have always played cricket from my heart and have been well-heeled enough to represent Bhutan in the International matches under the categories of U-17, U-19 , U-25 and the Senior Men’s Squad.

I was also blessed to be in the Bhutan’s first 14 men squad to tour Nepal in 2003. One of my highlights of my career was when I was selected in “ASIA SELECTED U-17 team” which toured India cities for matches back in 2003.

The experiences shared by my Coach Roger Binny helped me to develop myself as a cricketer. He says, playing cricket is like a vintage wine, you learn and gain experience with age and matches under your belt. I underway playing cricket from 50 overs format and then came T20s. Technically it challenging for me to adapt a new format of cricket from 50 overs to 20 overs match where batting to hard hit and quickening from the first over. This was, and is, still a challenge but like I said, once you have experience and played more matches, it’s just matter of putting it right during practice.

Cricket has not only made me more matured on the field but off the field too. The values I have erudite from cricket and the discipline I was taught is still as fresh as it was a decade ago and it really helped me workwise and for myself.

Today when I remembrance my memories , during my hard times when I thought I couldn’t reach my goals, my coach, mentors, family and friends always supported me and kept me going. I want to thank you all for helping me reach my potential.



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